WDNR Prescribed Fire Dashboard – Live!

WDNR Prescribed Fire Dashboard – Live!

Prescribed Fire Dashboard is now LIVE!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has developed a prescribed fire dashboard, now available on their website: https://dnrmaps.wi.gov/WAB/Prescribed_Fire/

Through this dashboard, you can view the specifics of any prescribed fire conducted on DNR land. You can also look at prescribed fires within specific date ranges or locations. Prescribed burn data are available from 2019 to present.

While still a work in progress, this dashboard presents many opportunities for advancing the use of prescribed fire in Wisconsin. The WPFC’s Government Relations Committee has been instrumental in getting this dashboard off the ground, working directly with the WDNR to incorporate the needs of fire practitioners. Our committee is continuing to work with the WNDR to integrate additional features to this dashboard to help meet prescribed fire goals and even improve legislation in the state.

If you want to provide input on how to further improve this dashboard and assist in prescribed fire government relations, consider becoming a WPFC member and join the Government Relations Committee!