Native Resource Preservation LLC

Native Resource Preservation LLC logoThe Native Resource Preservation LLC offers full prescribed burning services including site assessment, burn break installation, burn permitting, ignition and mop-up. We have a fire fleet including multiple mobile OHV small water engines, a Type 5 wildfire engine and a Type 6 wildfire engine. We have experience burning in all fuel types and landscapes including short and tall grass prairies, oak savannahs, conifer forests, hardwood forests, mixed woodlands, wetlands and residential areas.

Contact: Caroline Fazzio

Address: 260 Wentworth Ave. E, Ste 155, West Saint Paul, MN 55118

Phone: 320-413-0015


Service Area: Wisconsin – NW, SW, C; Minnesota – statewide; Iowa – NE, NW; South Dakota – NE, SE; North Dakota – NE, SE