Rx Fire for Forest Management Webinar Series

Rx Fire for Forest Management Webinar Series

Prescribed Fire for Forest Management ​Webinar Series

Select Wednesdays in 2023-24 | 8:30-10 a.m. CT | Online via Zoom

Foresters and land managers have many forest management tools at their disposal. One tool that’s often overlooked is prescribed fire. Though underutilized, prescribed fire for forest management is important for ​ecosystem health, forest regeneration, wildlife habitat, forest health, and disease control. Join us for insightful discussions with national experts as we discuss forest management using prescribed fire. Learn some of the practical knowledge of where, when, why, and how to apply fire in forest ecosystems.

This webinar series offered through the UW Stevens Point Wisconsin Forestry Center, will explore several facets of prescribed fire related to forests and forest management. We have invited speakers to provide their perspectives and offer advice on how we can advance prescribed fire as a forest management tool in the future.

WPFC is a proud sponsor of this FREE series and several of our illustrious board members are featured presenters.

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