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Here in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council opposed the elimination of WDNR Forestry Mill Tax revenue and replacement with General Purpose Revenue (GPR). View the letter sent to the Wisconsin Legislature.

Prescribed Fire Legislation

What are other states doing?

Alabama – Alabama Prescribed Burn Act

  • Establishes the right to conduct prescribed burns
  • Establishes a “certified burner” program
  • Protects burners from liability relating to smoke

Michigan (recently passed but still in rule making phase)

  • Establishes that prescribed burning does not constitute a public nuisance
  • Defines a “certified prescribed burn manager” and establishes a certification program
  • Establishes exemption from liability regarding damage or injury resulting from smoke
  • Other requirements include a burn plan, adequate fire breaks, and sufficient equipment and personnel

Oklahoma – Guidelines for Safe and Lawful Prescribed Burning in Oklahoma

  • Law specifically allows for burning for management purposes and establishes procedure to do so
  • Establishes who must be contacted (neighbors, authorities)
  • Burners must complete a burn plan

South Carolina – South Carolina Prescribed Burning Act

  • Establishes “certified prescribed fire manager” certification requirements
  • Establishes that prescribed fires conducted in accordance with the standards are considered in the public interest and cannot be considered a nuisance
  • Recognizes prescribed burning as a beneficial management tool
  • Requires prescribed fire plan for authorization to burn

Other Resources

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