Friday, January 18, 2019
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The Liability Committee strives to find affordable insurance for not for profit organizations and businesses. We have been working with a private firm to determine risk assessment (actuary table) for prescribed fire. We have offered data from our collective Wisconsin prescribed fire experience to this effort. A market analysis of demand for prescribed fire insurance was not funded by the Joint Fire Council. We will continue to look for funding to ensure insurance for the prescribed fire community.

Read a report on Prescribed Fire Liability Insurance (updated October 2006) Download (PDF)

To broaden our effort to reduce the liability to prescribed fire practioners we are pursuing Right to Burn Legislation through our Government Relations Committee.

More Resources on Prescribed Fire Liability:

  • Article from from Washington State University School of Economic Sciences "Liability, regulation and endogenous risk: Incidence and severity of escaped prescribed fires in the United States"
  • Article from 1993 Proceedings of the Midwest Oak Savanna Conference "Legal Liability Exposures Created By Prescribed Burning"